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The Best Comedy Movies/TV/Books from 2024 and previous years. Whether you like dry humour, raucous laughter, physical comedy or just plain sillyness, it's all here! Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy are currently the King and Queen of comedy.

N/A The Great American Action Hero: This film revolves around two friends that decide to make the greatest action... the-great-american-action-hero N/A My Favorite Girlfriend: A great romantic movie. The great cast includes: Bonnie Piesse as Molly,... my-favorite-girlfriend N/A Easter Sunday: Tiffany Haddish is back! This film is set in a family gathering to celebrate... easter-sunday N/A Ride On: Jackie Chan is back! Lao Luo loves his horse. The horse may be taken away... ride-on N/A Moonshot: Zach Braff is back! In this movie a woman searches for her boyfriend in Mars.... moonshot N/A Senior Year: Rebel Wilson is back! This film is about a thirty seven year-old woman who... senior-year N/A I Want You Back: Scott Eastwood is back! Peter and Emma have both been dumped. They team up to... i-want-you-back N/A Your Place Or Mine: Reese Witherspoon is back! This film is about Two long-distance best friends.... your-place-or-mine N/A Home Team: Rob Schneider is back! This film is about New Orleans Saints head coach Sean... home-team N/A The Walk Ons: A local Factory closes-down in a small Town. A group of ex-highschool friends... the-walk-ons N/A Turning Red: This film is about a 13-year-old girl that turns into a giant red panda when... turning-red N/A Kung Fury 2: This film is set in the same universe as the original film "Kung Fury". The... kung-fury-2 N/A Borderlands: This feature film is based on the popular video game. It is set on the... borderlands N/A Disenchanted: This film is set 10 years after Enchanted. Giselle questions her happiness.... disenchanted N/A Hocus Pocus 2: In this sequel young women accidentally bring back the Sanderson Sisters to... hocus-pocus-2 N/A Love And Something Like It: This movie is about Dan, who loses his wife in his 50s. He then starts dating... love-and-something-like-it N/A Cameron Cool: Cameron Cool is an aspiring actor. He gets help from an acting coach after he... cameron-cool N/A Hometown Hollywood The Movie: Lights. Camera.... hometown-hollywood-the-movie N/A Milli Vanilli: This film is about the life and times of the famous lip-syncing duo Milli... milli-vanilli N/A Mack And Rita: This movie is about a woman in her 30s who struck by lightning. She wakes up... mack-and-rita N/A Knives Out 2: This movie Sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out". Daniel Craig as Benoit... knives-out-2 N/A Josh Taylors Prom Date: Josh Taylor and his nerd friends go up against the school's basketball star.... josh-taylors-prom-date N/A Fishermans Friends 2: The sequel to the popular UK Film "Fishermans Friends". The great cast... fishermans-friends-2 N/A The Naughty Boys: A student who needs cash ends up spanking rich mens bottoms to earn a living.... the-naughty-boys N/A Cheaper By The Dozen: This movie is about a busy father and his twelve children. The excellent cast... cheaper-by-the-dozen N/A The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild: This movie is a Prequel of Ice Age film. The great cast includes: Simon Pegg... the-ice-age-adventures-of-buck-wild N/A Butched: This movie is a western. Review Coming... butched N/A Luck: This animated comedy is about the age old battle between the forces of good... luck N/A Sesame Street: This is a live action movie based on the "Sesame Street" TV series. The cast... sesame-street N/A Last Friday: Ice Cube is back! The next and final chapter of the "Friday" series... last-friday N/A Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: This is the Sequel to the populer animated/real-life movie "Who Framed Roger... who-framed-roger-rabbit-2 N/A Sonic The Hedgehog 2: This is a sequel to the 2020 live-action feature film "Sonic the Hedgehog".... sonic-the-hedgehog-2 N/A Legally Blonde 3: This is the next hilarious chapter in the Legally Blonde franchise. The... legally-blonde-3 N/A Ant Man 3: Paul Rudd is back! This movie is the next exciting adventure of Ant Man. The... ant-man-3 N/A Shrek 5: A reboot of the popular "Shrek" animated feature. Review Coming... shrek-5 N/A Dc Super Pets: This comedic animation is about how Superman's dog teams up with a flying... dc-super-pets N/A Hustle: Adam Sandler is back! Adam plays a washed-up basketball scout that finds a... hustle N/A The Out Law: Pierce Brosnan is back! A bank manager is about to marry the love of his life.... the-out-law N/A One True Loves: A woman has to choose between her husband (suspected dead) and the fiance who... one-true-loves N/A Bromates: Taryn Manning is back! This comedy is about how two best friends break up with... bromates N/A The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special: Chris Pratt is back! Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Mantis and Groot go on a new... the-guardians-of-the-galaxy-holiday-special N/A Hollywood Stargirl: Uma Thurman is back! Stargirl Caraway journeys out of Mica. She then... hollywood-stargirl N/A Food Fight: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is back! A comedy about a food fight. The super cast... food-fight N/A Good Mourning With A U: Megan Fox is back! In this brand new comedy movie. The great cast includes:... good-mourning-with-a-u N/A Next Goal Wins: Michael Fassbender is back! This film is an adaptation of the 2014 British... next-goal-wins N/A Asteroid City: Tom Hanks is back! This film is a love story set in Europe. The super cast... asteroid-city N/A The Bubble: Karen Gillan is back! Actors and actresses are stuck inside a hotel during the... the-bubble N/A Maximum Truth: A political candidate teams up with his odd friend to compete against a rival... maximum-truth N/A Fireheart: Olivia Cooke is back! This films is about sixteen-year-old Georgia Nolan and... fireheart N/A Big Gold Brick: Megan Fox is back! This is the story of failed writer Samuel Liston and his... big-gold-brick N/A Shazam Fury Of Gods: This movie is the sequel to 2019's Shazam! movie. The great cast includes:... shazam-fury-of-gods N/A Tyler Perrys A Madea Homecoming: Tyler Perry brings presents his most famous character "Madea". The great cast... tyler-perrys-a-madea-homecoming N/A Shotgun Wedding: A couple have an expensive destination wedding. The wedding is then hijacked... shotgun-wedding N/A Gotham City Sirens: This movie is about three of Gotham City's best female criminals. They all go... gotham-city-sirens N/A Burgers: In this comedy drama, Denise's food truck is impounded. It had to do with a... burgers N/A Three Men And A Baby: This movie is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. Three men have to... three-men-and-a-baby N/A The Lost City: Sandra Bullock is back! This movie is about how an introverted romance... the-lost-city N/A Ticket To Paradise: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from... ticket-to-paradise N/A Me Time: Mark Wahlberg is back! For the first time a dad has time to himself. His wife... me-time N/A They Cloned Tyrone: Jamie Foxx is back! An unlikely trio go on a mystery caper. The awesome cast... they-cloned-tyrone N/A Garfield: This is an animated feature film based on the popular comic strip of the same... garfield N/A Trading Souls: An athlete and an intellectual have a scuffle at school. The athlete comes... trading-souls N/A This Side Up: The main protagonist is a struggling screenwriter. He is dumped by his high... this-side-up N/A Dog 2021: Channing Tatum is back! In this movie an army ranger and his dog go on a road... dog-2021 N/A Crabs In A Bucket: Jeremy Piven is back! This movie is about a real estate developer. He returns... crabs-in-a-bucket N/A Wish Dragon: John Cho is back! This animated feature is about discovering the greatest... wish-dragon N/A Sneakerella: Lexi Underwood is back! This movie is a modern Take on the Cinderella story.... sneakerella N/A Extinct: Adam Devine is back! The main protagonists are a species of fluffy animals... extinct N/A Chicken Run 2: This movies follows the escape from Tweedy's farm (the first movie). Ginger... chicken-run-2 N/A Love Lost And Found: A social media influencer takes his girlfriend out to the wilderness. He wants... love-lost-and-found N/A Ainbo: A girl is born and grows up in a jungle of the Amazon. The jungle is called... ainbo N/A Rons Gone Wrong: This movie is set in a world where modern talking digitally connected bots... rons-gone-wrong N/A Peter Rabbit 2 The Runaway: This movie is about how Thomas and Bea are now married. They live with Peter... peter-rabbit-2-the-runaway N/A The Addams Family 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2019 animated film "The Addams Family".... the-addams-family-2 N/A Old Man Jackson: The main protagonist is Mr. Jackson who is an automotive mechanics shop... old-man-jackson N/A The Bad Guys: This animated comedy is about how Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr.... the-bad-guys N/A Vivo: A musical monkey's destiny is to travel from Havana to Miami. The cast... vivo N/A The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent: The full cast includes: Nicholas Cage as Untitled. Review Coming... the-unbearable-weight-of-massive-talent N/A Jackass: This is the final crusade. Old favorites Johnny Knoxville and Wee Ma return... jackass N/A The Man From Toronto: In this movie a deadly assassin gets mistaken for a New York screw-up. It is... the-man-from-toronto N/A Hotel Transylvania 4: The plot of this movie is unknown. This is the fourth installment of the... hotel-transylvania-4 N/A Spooky Jack: This movie is about the odd world of scary creatures. The creatures... spooky-jack N/A Venom Let There Be Carnage: This movies is the sequel to "Venom". The full cast includes: Tom Hardy as... venom-let-there-be-carnage N/A Ghostbusters After Life: This movie has an unknown plot: Finn Wolfhard as Untitled, Mckenna Grace as... ghostbusters-after-life N/A Raya And The Last Dragon: This movie is set in the realm "Lumandra". This is a different version of... raya-and-the-last-dragon N/A Sing 2: This movie is the sequel to the animated film "Sing" from 2016. The full... sing-2 N/A Marry Me: This movie is about how music superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian get married.... marry-me N/A The Witches: This movie is based on Roald Dahl's 1983 classic book "The Witches". It is... the-witches N/A Rugrats: This movie is a live-action (with CGI) based on Nickelodeon's "Rugrats"... rugrats N/A Bobs Burgers The Movie: The movie of this plot is unknown. It is based on the animated TV series.... bobs-burgers-the-movie N/A Minions The Rise Of Gru: This movie is the next intallment of the Minions adventures. This time they... minions-the-rise-of-gru N/A Dont Look Up: This movie is about a pair of astronomers. They attempt to warn everyone on... dont-look-up N/A French Exit: The protagonist is an ageing Manhattan woman. She is living on a budget and... french-exit N/A Cinderella: This movie is a musical version of the "Cinderella" fairy tale. The great... cinderella N/A The Kings Man: History's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds want to wage a war to... the-kings-man N/A A Boy Called Christmas: This is the story of a young father christmas. He is called Nikolas and he... a-boy-called-christmas N/A Blazing Samurai: This comedy animation is about a cat samurai that wants to succeed. He then... blazing-samurai N/A Soul: This movie is about a musician who has lost his passion for music. He is... soul N/A Deported: Ross's gilfriend gets deported on a technicality. Ross then hires a fake... deported N/A Queenpins: Kristen Bell and Vince Vaughn are back! The plot revolves around a pair of... queenpins N/A Bad Trip: This movie is about two friends that go on a cross-country road trip. They... bad-trip N/A Thunder Force: Supervillains are dominating the world. Then two childhood best friends... thunder-force N/A Cruella: This movie is a live-action prequel feature film about a young Cruella de... cruella N/A The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard: This movie is the sequel to the 2017 popular action/comedy "The Hitman's... the-hitmans-wifes-bodyguard N/A Coming 2 America: Akeem finds out he has a long-lost son in the United States. He returns to... coming-2-america N/A The Hating Game: Lucy is an ethical down to earth office worker. She embarks on a game of... the-hating-game 8.7 Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar: This movie is about two older female best friends that go to a resort and... barb-and-star-go-to-vista-del-mar 8.6 Bill And Ted Face The Music: Bill and Ted have saved the universe in their time-traveling adventures. The... bill-and-ted-face-the-music 7.9 Irresistible: This movie is about how a Democrat helps a retired man run for mayor in a... irresistible N/A The Mitchells Vs The Machines: The Mitchell family go on a road trip. It is interrupted by a technological... the-mitchells-vs-the-machines N/A The One And Only Ivan: This movie is about a gorilla named Ivan. He wants to find answers about his... the-one-and-only-ivan N/A The Spongebob Movie Sponge On The Run: The plot of this movie is unknown. It is the third film in the "SpongeBob... the-spongebob-movie-sponge-on-the-run N/A The Lovebirds: A couple is about to break up. They then get mixed up in a hilarious murder... the-lovebirds N/A Jay And Silent Bob Reboot: This movie is about how Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood. They try and... jay-and-silent-bob-reboot N/A Trolls World Tour: This movie is the sequel to the 2016 "Trolls" animated movie. The super cast... trolls-world-tour N/A My Spy: This movie is about an experienced CIA operative who ends up working with... my-spy N/A Saved By Grace: This movies is about how Grace Hightower gets fired from her job and then... saved-by-grace N/A Ghostbusters Afterlife: This movie describes the connection (through their Grandfather) that a... ghostbusters-afterlife N/A The Personal History Of David Copperfield: This movis is based on the novel about David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.... the-personal-history-of-david-copperfield N/A The Climb: This movie describes the life of two friends. They've known each other for... the-climb N/A Inside The Rain: A student is going to get expelled college. He goes to a strip club and... inside-the-rain N/A Emma: This movies is based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name. The full... emma N/A First Lady: This movie describes how a woman (who is not married to the President) goes... first-lady N/A The Wrong Missy: Tim is organising a work retreat and he needs to invite a woman. He thinks... the-wrong-missy N/A Connected: This movie starts off with Katie Mitchell getting accepted into the film... connected N/A Peter Rabbit 2: The plot of this movie is unknown. It is a follow-up to the 2018 film,... peter-rabbit-2 N/A Deadpool 3: This movie is about another group in the X-Men universe, the X-Force. The... deadpool-3 N/A Enter The Fat Dragon: A cop breaks up with his girlfriend. He becomes overweight. He then has to... enter-the-fat-dragon N/A Scoob: This movie is an animated film which is based on the cool "Scooby-Doo" TV... scoob N/A Uncorked: The main protagonist is Elijah. He must balance his dream of becoming a... uncorked N/A The Outlaw Johnny Black: The outlaw Johnny Black wants to avenge the death of his father. He wants to... the-outlaw-johnny-black N/A Bad Hair: This comedy is about how a young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in... bad-hair N/A Guns Akimbo: This movie is about an average guy that relies on his new skills as a combat... guns-akimbo N/A The Croods 2: This movie is about how the Croods (a prehistoric family) are challenged by... the-croods-2 N/A Coffee And Kareem: This movies is about how 12 year old Kareem hires a criminal to scare off... coffee-and-kareem N/A Dolittle: This comedy movie is about a physician that can talk to animals. What a... dolittle N/A Barbie: A barbie doll living in "Barbieland" is expelled for having faults. She then... barbie N/A Love Wedding Repeat: Jack's sister is getting married. He has to help it go smoothly. He... love-wedding-repeat 7.8 A Guide To Second Date Sex: Laura and Ryan have had problems in previous relationships. They are scared... a-guide-to-second-date-sex N/A Like A Boss: This movie is about two female friends. They decide to start a beauty... like-a-boss 7.5 Bad Boys For Life: Since the last movie, Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector. Mike Lowery... bad-boys-for-life N/A Eurovision: This story is about two aspiring musicians Lars and Sigrit. They will... eurovision 8.9 A Rainy Day In New York: This movie is set in modern dat New York. A young couple (two university... a-rainy-day-in-new-york N/A Greed: This movie is a satire about the world of extremely wealthy people. The... greed N/A Vhyes: This movies is a bizarre comedy. It's shot entirely on VHS and Beta. It's... vhyes N/A Superintelligence: Carol Peters is a normal woman who is selected for observation by the... superintelligence N/A Frozen 2: This movie is the sequel to the Walt Disney Pictures' animated movie Frozen... frozen-2 N/A Cats: This movie is about a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. Every year they... cats N/A The Adams Family: This movie is an animated version of the series of cartoons about a ghoulish... the-adams-family N/A Always A Bridesmaid: Corina is a woman who is always someone's bridesmaid. She decides never to... always-a-bridesmaid N/A Spies In Disguise: The world's best spy is turned into a pigeon. The nerdy tech officer of the... spies-in-disguise N/A Being Frank: This movie is about a average father. His life is turned upside down after... being-frank N/A Abominable: This movie is about a magical Yeti who goes on a voyage to return to his... abominable N/A Yesterday: A struggling musician finds out he's the only person on Earth who remembers... yesterday N/A Shaft: This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. jackson... shaft N/A Uglydolls: This movie is based on the UglyDolls range of toys. In this movie the... uglydolls N/A Murder Mystery: A New York police man and his wife go on a European vacation to try and... murder-mystery N/A The Beach Bum: Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew Mcconaughey) is an eccentric... the-beach-bum N/A The Art Of Self Defense: On the street, there is a random attack on Casey. Casey then enlists at a... the-art-of-self-defense N/A Pokemon Detective Pikachu: This movie is set in a world where people do battle with Pokemon. A young... pokemon-detective-pikachu N/A Faith Hope And Love: A recently divorved women, Faith (played by the gorgeous Peta Murgatroyd) ,... faith-hope-and-love N/A Wonder Park: This movie is the story of a big amusement park with interesting creatures.... wonder-park N/A How High 2: This is a sequel to the How High original movie. In this movie two stoners... how-high-2 N/A Isnt It Romantic: A young woman (Natalie played by Rebel Wilson) is unlucky in love.... isnt-it-romantic N/A Under The Silver Lake: Sam (played by the versatile Andrew Garfield) is a bored man in his... under-the-silver-lake N/A Whered You Go Bernadette: A loving mom spends years sacrificing herself for her family. She becomes... whered-you-go-bernadette N/A Under The Eiffel Tower: Stuart (played by the funny Matt Walsh) is in the middle of a mid-life... under-the-eiffel-tower N/A Arctic Justice: Swifty the Arctic fox works in the mail room of the Arctic Blast Delivery... arctic-justice N/A Brittany Runs A Marathon: This movie is about a a woman living in New York. Her life wasn't going that... brittany-runs-a-marathon N/A The Professor: This movie is about a college professor lives his life recklessly. He has... the-professor N/A The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part: Five years have passed since Lego Land was peacefull. The citizens are facing... the-lego-movie-2-the-second-part N/A Charlies Angels: This movie is a reboot of the 2000 action comedy which is based on the 1970s... charlies-angels 7.6 Hustlers: This movie is about a bunch of former female strippers. They get together to... hustlers 7.3 The Angry Birds Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2016 animated feature "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie-2 8.9 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt... once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood 7.8 Late Night: This movie is about late night talk show host. After many years of hosting... late-night 7.6 Hobbs And Shaw: This movie series will be a spinoff of The Fate of the Furious featuring... hobbs-and-shaw 8.1 The Lion King: A new CGI version of the 1994 Disney classic "The Lion King". The impressive... the-lion-king 8.0 Stuber: This movie is about a police detective who recruits his Uber driver to do... stuber 8.2 Spider Man Far From Home: After the events of Avengers: Endgame Peter Parker (played by the reliable... spider-man-far-from-home 7.5 The Secret Life Pets 2: Plot Unknown. The cast includes: Patton Oswalt as Max (voice), Eric... the-secret-life-pets-2 7.5 Toy Story 4: A new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the existing group of toys. They go... toy-story-4 7.8 Aladdin: This movie is live-action and tells the story of the 1992 Disney Animation... aladdin 8.2 Poms: Poms is a comedy movie about a group of women who form a cheer leading squad... poms 7.8 The Hustle: This is a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Two out of... the-hustle 7.5 Little: A woman (Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders) undergoes a physical transformation... little N/A The Fairwell: This movie is about a Chinese family. The family discovers their grandmother... the-fairwell N/A The Chaperone: This movie is based in the early 1920s. It's about a Kansas woman who goes... the-chaperone N/A The Art Of Racing In The Rain: This movie is about a dog named Enzo. He recalls the life lessons he learned... the-art-of-racing-in-the-rain 7.2 Shazam: A streetwise foster kid can become adult superhero Shazam! by shouting the... shazam N/A Plus One: Two longtime single friends (Ben and Alice) get invited a several weddings.... plus-one 7.1 Fighting With My Family: A wrestling family work as performers at venues in England. The kids... fighting-with-my-family 7.9 King Of Thieves: This movie is a crime story about a group of retired criminals who undertake... king-of-thieves N/A Booksmart: Two academic high achievers who are best friends realise they should have... booksmart N/A Stan And Ollie: Laurel and Hardy are the world's most famous comedy duo. They are getting... stan-and-ollie N/A What Men Want: A female sports agent (Ali Davis played by the sumptuous and talented... what-men-want N/A Wine Country: This movie is about a group of girlfriends that have known each other for a... wine-country N/A The Dirt: This movie describes the story of how Motley Crue became a famous and... the-dirt N/A The Perfect Date: This movie is about how Brooks Rattigan creates an app. The app allows him... the-perfect-date N/A The Untold Story: Edward Forester (64 years old) is depressed about his career and personal... the-untold-story N/A Stockholm: This movie is based on a true story. In 1973 there was a bank heist/hostage... stockholm N/A A Madea Family Funeral: A family reunion becomes a hilarious bad time. Madea and her family then... a-madea-family-funeral N/A The Upside: This comedy is about the unlikely relationship between a quadriplegic... the-upside N/A Holiday Rush: Rashon "Rush" Williams is a single dad and a famous radio DJ. He loses his... holiday-rush N/A Rim Of The World: This movie is about four teenage friends that go on a Summer Camp. Then an... rim-of-the-world N/A Adult Life Skills: Anna is a 30 year old woman grieving over the death of her twin brother. She... adult-life-skills 7.8 Instant Family: A couple (Pete played by Mark Wahlberg and Ellie played by Rose Byrne)... instant-family N/A Cold Pursuit: In this action comedy a snowplow driver (Nels played by Liam Neeson) is... cold-pursuit N/A Paddleton: Two neighbours become friends. One of them unexpectedly is diagnosed with... paddleton N/A The Last Summer: This movie is about a group of young people in Chicago. During summer they... the-last-summer N/A Always Be My Maybe: This movie is about two childhood friends. They meet later on in life and... always-be-my-maybe N/A Threes Complicated: Three's Complicated is about a complicated love story. Deja is a 42-year-old... threes-complicated N/A Kim Possible: Two heroes Kim and Ron have to start high school as freshmen. They find a... kim-possible N/A Someone Great: This movie is a romantic comedy. Jenny experiences a harsh break up. She's... someone-great N/A Troop Zero: This movie is set in In rural 1977 Georgia. An outcast girl dreams of life... troop-zero N/A The Last Laugh: This movie is about how a retired talent manager Al Hart reunites with one... the-last-laugh N/A The Buddy Games: This movie is about a group of friends that reunite to play "The Buddy... the-buddy-games 7.0 Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck It Ralph 2: The first installment of Wreck-It Ralph was a great concept for an animated... ralph-breaks-the-internet-wreck-it-ralph-2 N/A Zeroville: A young man travels to hollywood in 1969. The industry is changing and he... zeroville N/A Green Book: This movie is set in the 1960s. An Italian-American bouncer becomes the... green-book N/A Chasing The Blues: Two rival record collectors ( Alan Thomas played by Grant Rosenmeyer and... chasing-the-blues N/A All About Nina: Note: The "All About Nina" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... all-about-nina N/A Bodied: A graduate student (hilariously played by Calum Worthy) is completing a... bodied N/A Can You Ever Forgive Me: Lee Israel (played by the talented Melissa Mccarthy) is a writer that has... can-you-ever-forgive-me N/A The Sisters Brothers: Set in 1850s Oregon. Two assasins, the famous Sisters Brothers, chase a gold... the-sisters-brothers N/A Destination Wedding: Two unhappy and negative minded wedding guests (Lindsay played by Winona... destination-wedding N/A The Old Man And The Gun: This movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (played by the... the-old-man-and-the-gun N/A Love Gilda: Gilda Radner was a famous comedienne in the late 70s and early 80s. She... love-gilda N/A Support The Girls: There is a Bar on a Highway that has hot waitresses showing a bit of curves.... support-the-girls N/A Nobodys Fool: A woman (played by Tiffany Haddish) is released from prison. She visits her... nobodys-fool N/A Uncle Drew: A basketball movie is a long time coming! A coach (Lilrel Howery as Dax)... uncle-drew N/A Holmes And Watson: Will Ferrell plays Sherlock Holmes and John C. reilly plays Dr Watson in... holmes-and-watson N/A Second Act: A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer... second-act 6.5 In A Relationship: This comedy is the story of two couples during one summer. The great cast... in-a-relationship 6.5 Small Foot: In the reverse of the Big Foot Legend, a Yeti is 100% sure that the creatures... small-foot 7.2 Night School: Kevin Hart is back in a brand new comedy! A group of trouble makers, including... night-school 7.8 Johnny English Strikes Again: Johnny English (played by the hilarious Rowan Atkinson) is now teaching at... johnny-english-strikes-again N/A Christopher Robin: Christopher Robin (voiced by the talented Ewan Mcgregor) is now a family... christopher-robin 7.5 Teen Titans Go To The Movies: Five teenage super heroes dream of Hollywood stardom. To get famous they... teen-titans-go-to-the-movies 7.8 Crazy Rich Asians: This movie is based on a global bestselling book by the same name. Rachel Chu... crazy-rich-asians 7.8 Book Club: A group of life long friends that belong to a book club read the popular book... book-club 7.8 The Spy Who Dumped Me: Audrey (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend.... the-spy-who-dumped-me 7.2 Luis And The Aliens: Three aliens arrive from outer space in a UFO. They crash land in the house... luis-and-the-aliens N/A Juliet Naked: "Juliet, Naked" tells the story of Annie (played by Rose Byrne). She is the... juliet-naked N/A The Competition: Thora Birch (played by Thora Birch) ends relationships after six months in... the-competition N/A Action Point: A daredevil (played by Johnny Knoxville) creates his own theme park with... action-point N/A Breaking And Exiting: Harry (played by Milo Gibson) is an experienced loveable house thief. On... breaking-and-exiting N/A Status Update: Kyle Moore (played by Ross Lynch) is a teenager has parents who are going... status-update 8.1 Overboard: Anna Farris is back! Her brand of silly comedy has been sorely missed! Anna's... overboard N/A Supercon: A group of former TV stars and comic book artists earn their living working... supercon 7.2 Incredibles 2: Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible voiced by Craig T. nelson) has to care for his... incredibles-2 N/A When We First Met: Note: The "When we first met" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... when-we-first-met N/A A Swingers Weekend: Dan (played by Randal Edwards) and Lisa (played by Erin Karpluk) are a... a-swingers-weekend 7.5 Dog Days: Dog Days is about a group of people from Los Angeles that are connected... dog-days 7.6 Tag: Former classmates who have always been there for each other and that still see... tag 8.5 A Simple Favor: This movies is about a single mother that writes a parenting blog. She... a-simple-favor 8.5 Kodachrome: There was a photo development system known as "Kodachrome". An old... kodachrome N/A The Year Of Spectacular Men: A young woman (Izzy Klein played by beautiful Madelyn Deutch) has just... the-year-of-spectacular-men 7.8 Oceans 8: If you like the Ocean's 11 franchise and Sandra Bullock, your going to love... oceans-8 7.8 Gringo: Gringo has an innovative funny plot! Harold (played brilliantly by David... gringo N/A Measure Of A Man: A teenager (Bobby Marks played by Blake Cooper) who has been previously... measure-of-a-man N/A Father Of The Year: Two friends have a drunken debate about whose father would win in a fight.... father-of-the-year 7.9 Deadpool 2: Deadpool is back and he's more hilarious than ever! Wade (Deadpool) must... deadpool-2 8.0 Life Of The Party: Melissa Mccarthy is back in a brand new comedy! She plays Deanna, a... life-of-the-party 8.2 I Feel Pretty: A woman (Renee Bennett played by Amy Schumer) who is insecure about the way... i-feel-pretty 7.8 Super Troopers 2: Broken Lizard Productions and the Super Troopers Crew are back! A border... super-troopers-2 N/A Game Over Man: Three friends are nearly going to get their video game financed. The three... game-over-man N/A The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs: This film is made up of six stories. Each story is a tale about people that... the-ballad-of-buster-scruggs N/A Damsel: This movie is set in the Wild West, around 1870. Samuel Alabaster (played by... damsel 7.2 Sherlock Gnomes: Johnny Depp has done animated features before and it shows here. He has... sherlock-gnomes N/A Oh Lucy: A woman (Setsuku played by Shinobu Terajima) in Tokyo has a boring life and... oh-lucy N/A Flower: A teenage girl (Erica Vandross played by the gorgeous Zoey Deutch) forms an... flower 7.8 Blockers: Blockers is a simple film that some Parents will relate with. Starts off with... blockers 7.5 Early Man: Eddie Redmayne usually does serous drama movies and he definitely puts plenty... early-man 8.2 Game Night: The plot revolves around a group of friends who organise Game Nights (like... game-night N/A Set It Up: Note: The "Set it Up" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Zoey... set-it-up 8.1 The Disaster Artist: James Franco continues to pursue interesting projects. In the last 5 years he... the-disaster-artist 7.3 Pitch Perfect 3: Beca (played by the beautiful Anna Kendrick ) and the Bellas ( Rebel Wilson... pitch-perfect-3 7.8 The Nut Job 2 Nutty By Nature: The basement of a Nut Shop is full of nuts after the store goes broke. The... the-nut-job-2-nutty-by-nature 8.5 Downsizing: I haven't seen a movie plot this unique in a while. In Downsizing a scientist... downsizing 7.6 I Tonya: This movie is about the famous ice skater Tonya Harding. It describes her... i-tonya 7.6 Daddys Home 2: Daddy's Home 2 has an awesome cast. Will Ferrell (Brad) and Mark Wahlberg... daddys-home-2 7.5 Bad Moms Christmas: Bad Moms Christmas is a great addition to the Bad Moms franchise. Mila Kunis... bad-moms-christmas 8.7 Thor Ragnarok: Thor (played excellently by Chris Hemsworth) is in a suspended cage... thor-ragnarok 7.8 Girls Trip: This genre of "Girls gone wild" is getting more and more popular these days.... girls-trip 7.9 The Hitmans Bodyguard: In the first scenes a Bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds playing Michael) loses a... the-hitmans-bodyguard N/A Snatched: A young woman gets dumped before her exotic vacation. This young woman... snatched 8.1 The House: "The House" has a very unique story line. "I haven't seen a movie like this in... the-house 7.9 Baywatch: Starts with nice shots of the beach. There is a surf glider accident. Mitch... baywatch 7.9 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: It starts with the Marvel Studios Intro Graphics which is always cool. Kurt... guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2 7.9 How To Be A Latin Lover: Maximo, the lead character is played wonderfully by Eugenio Derbez. He tells... how-to-be-a-latin-lover 7.9 Chips: The movie starts off by showing the following text: "The California Highway... chips 7.8 The Lego Batman Movie: This movie is hilarious! I am a Batman movie fan (the real movies!) so the... the-lego-batman-movie 7.2 Fist Fight: Charlie Day plays a down to earth nice teacher called Andy Cambell. It is... fist-fight 7.8 The Boss Baby: I laughed at the trailer to The Boss Baby movie... "a baby jumps up from the... the-boss-baby 7.2 Battle Of The Sexes: This movie is based on a true story of the 1973 tennis match between Billie... battle-of-the-sexes 7.2 Moana: Moana the movie has a very interesting story line and is based on Polynesian... moana 6.5 Why Him: Why Him isn't one of those movies that produces constant laughter. "What Why... why-him N/A Masterminds: This film is about a guard at an armored car company. It is set in Southern... masterminds 7.5 Bridget Joness Baby: Bridget Jones is back! Renee Zellweger excel's in this role once again.... bridget-joness-baby N/A Cafe Society: This movie is set in the 1930s. It's about a man from the Bronx that moves... cafe-society 7.0 Office Christmas Party: This movie is about a branch manager that throws a huge Christmas party so... office-christmas-party 7.0 Secret Life Of Pets: This movie is a good story about the unique relationship not only between pets... secret-life-of-pets 7.5 Bad Moms: Mila Kunis (Amy) manages to put in a comedic performance with some sentimental... bad-moms 7.2 The Hollars: This movie is about a man who returns to his small hometown because his... the-hollars N/A How To Be Single: This comedy is about how a group of women experience love and relationships... how-to-be-single 6.8 Miss Stevens: This movie is about a heart-broken teacher. She drives a group of high... miss-stevens 7.5 Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates: This movie is hilarious from the get go. The four leads were perfectly cast.... mike-and-dave-need-wedding-dates 7.0 Central Intelligence: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make an odd couple but as seen in this movie... central-intelligence 6.2 Get A Job: This movie is about a young man who after he graduates finds it hard to get... get-a-job 7.0 The Angry Birds Movie: The angry birds movie was always going to be created. "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie 7.0 Ride Along 2: You know an action movie is going to be great when there is a great villain... ride-along-2 7.0 The Boss: Melissa McCarthy is fastly becoming one of my favourite comedians. In the... the-boss 7.5 Spy: Melissa McCarthy can definitely carry a comedy film but what's surprising... spy 7.5 The Man From Uncle: The Guy Ritchie style is alive and well. Stylised fighting sequences, tongue... the-man-from-uncle 7.0 The Intern: Ben (Robert De niro) plays an older business man that gets an internship at an... the-intern 7.0 Shes Funny That Way: What a hilarious movie. "Jennifer Aniston (Jane, the psychologist) has been... shes-funny-that-way 7.0 The Rum Diary: Set in the 1960's, Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) takes on a freelance writing job in... the-rum-diary 7.0 Magic In The Moonlight: I hope that Woody Allen continues to make films forever. It appears that his... magic-in-the-moonlight 8.5 Three Amigos: This movie is about three actors (that are in cowboy movies) that accept an... three-amigos 8.0 A Night At The Roxbury: Two doofas brothers ( Will Ferrell as Steve Butabi and Chris Kattan as Doug... a-night-at-the-roxbury 8.0 The Woman In Red: Gene Wilder was in his prime here. This guy has got to have one of the most... the-woman-in-red
N/A Avatar The Last Airbender: This TV Series is a Live-action adaptation of the animated series of the same... avatar-the-last-airbender N/A The Office Australia: In the first episode Hannah gets a news from head office that her branch... the-office-australia N/A Game 6: This comical animated series includes the Game 6 heroes: Sonic, Mario, Circus... game-6 N/A Frasier: The orignal Frasier TV Show was one of the funniest Sitcom's ever. In this New... frasier N/A Haileys On It!: The talented Hailey Banks must use her smarts in order to save the world.... haileys-on-it! N/A Spencer Sisters: In this TV Series police officer Darby Spencer and her novelist mother... spencer-sisters N/A Moana: This TV Series is a follow up to the original Moana movie (2016). Moana and... moana N/A One Crazy Family: This series describes the life of the Johnsonn family. They live in a little... one-crazy-family N/A Poker Face Tv: Charlie has the ability to find out lyers. She goes on a roadtrip and meets... poker-face-tv N/A The Consultant: This TV Series follows a relationship between employee and boss. How far we... the-consultant N/A Night Court: This series describes the life of Judge Abby Stone. She presides over the... night-court N/A Freeridge: This series is about a group of friends may or may not have unleashed a... freeridge N/A Funny Woman: This story involves a young woman from Blackpool finds her voice. It is set... funny-woman N/A One Piece: This series is set in a seafaring world. A young pirate captain sets out with... one-piece N/A Grease Rise Of The Pink Ladies: This brilliant TV show is a spinoff of the original John Travolta and Olivia... grease-rise-of-the-pink-ladies N/A True Lies: Mike O'Gorman is back! This TV Series is about an unfulfilled suburban... true-lies N/A Bling Empire Newyork: Dorothy Wang is back! This series is a spinoff of Bling Empire (2021) series.... bling-empire-newyork N/A Beef: Two people are involved in a road rage incident. They let it get to their... beef N/A Grind: Four skaters follow their idol. This idol is on his summer tour. They want to... grind N/A Single Drunk Female: Samantha has an embarrassing public breakdown. She is forced to move back... single-drunk-female N/A Cars On The Road: Lightning McQueen and Mater going on the road trip adventure. They will meet... cars-on-the-road N/A Shining Vale: This TV Series is about a dysfunctional family that moves from the city to a... shining-vale N/A The Proud Family Louder And Prouder: This series follows events after the original "The Proud Family" show.... the-proud-family-louder-and-prouder N/A Judge Steve Harvey: Steve Harvey as a Judge! Hehehe. You'll see many conflicts and characters in... judge-steve-harvey N/A The Afterparty: A high school reunion's afterparty ends in a death. Everyone is then a... the-afterparty N/A Welcome To Flatch: This TV Series is about a documentary crew who go to a small town to study... welcome-to-flatch N/A How I Met Your Father: Sophie is part of a tight-knit group of friends. They are finding themselves... how-i-met-your-father N/A The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window: A handsome neighbor moves in across the street. Anna is a heartbroken woman.... the-woman-in-the-house-across-the-street-from-the-girl-in-the-window N/A Human Resources: This is an animated comedy TV Series about a workplace set in a world that... human-resources N/A Astrid And Lilly Save The World: High school is hard for outcast BFFs Astrid and Lilly. They accidentally... astrid-and-lilly-save-the-world N/A Jesse Watters Primetime: This talk-show is hosted by Jesse Waters. He speaks to newsmakers from all... jesse-watters-primetime N/A Murderville: In this TV comedy series Eccentric detective Terry Seattle teams up with... murderville N/A Vulpwood: This TV animated TV Series is about a Fox. Cast: Blake Swift as Lucas... vulpwood N/A She Hulk: Jennifer Walters somehow obtains Hulk-like qualities and she goes on... she-hulk N/A Peacemaker: This series describes the origin story of the DC superhero "Peacemaker". He... peacemaker N/A Tiana: Tiana is a princess that lives in New Orleans. This is a musical series.... tiana N/A Zootopia Plus: This series is about the creatures that inhabit the interesting metropolis... zootopia-plus N/A Benny The Barnacle: Benny the Barnacle travels with the ocean currents and inspires/helps... benny-the-barnacle N/A The Joneses: This series revolves around an alcoholic woman who crashes at her sister's... the-joneses N/A Dads Do It Too: A family comedy starring Candiace Dillard. Cast:Candiace Dillard as Janet... dads-do-it-too N/A Hollyweird: This series follows two aspiring actors new to Hollywood. Cast: Donnabella... hollyweird N/A Monster Loving Maniacs: This series is about a group that loves monsters. Cast:... monster-loving-maniacs N/A We Baby Bears: Bear siblings Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear go an a journey to find their ideal... we-baby-bears N/A Pivoting: Three friends go to a psychologist who advises them not to make any big... pivoting N/A Warped!: Milo is a manager of a comic book store. His boss hires a loud woman called... warped! N/A Somebody Somewhere: Sam struggles to fit the hometown mold. She has to deal with loss and... somebody-somewhere N/A As We See It: This comedy involves three autistic room-mates. They live together and strive... as-we-see-it N/A Big Nate: This animated TV Series follows the lives of sixth grade kids. They go on... big-nate N/A The Fairly Oddparents: Audrey Grace Marshall as Viv Turner 13 episodes 2022, Ryan-James Hatanaka as... the-fairly-oddparents N/A Tiny Toons Looniversity: This series is a reboot of "Tiny Toons Adventures". It centers on the... tiny-toons-looniversity N/A Wednesday: Follows Adam's Family member Wednesday Addams. She masters her emerging... wednesday N/A Gremlins Secrets Of The Mogwai: This series describes the adventures of Sam Wing in his youth. Gizmo is the... gremlins-secrets-of-the-mogwai N/A Meet The Voxels: This animated comedy is about the life of a family of video game characters.... meet-the-voxels N/A World According To Aj: A.J is a museum assistant. He often finds himself in tricky chaotic... world-according-to-aj N/A This Is Going To Hurt: This TV Series is set in a labour ward. There are highs and lows and... this-is-going-to-hurt N/A Trips: A tale of Pizza and Groceries. Cast: Bryce O'Connor as Aaron / ... 1... trips N/A Mr And Mrs Smith: This series is an adaptation of the 2005 action film with the same name. It... mr-and-mrs-smith N/A Humor Me: In this TV Series a comedian and his best friends want careers in Hollywood.... humor-me N/A Kings Of The Wood: Set in the deep woods. A group of highly-skilled woodworkers, carpenters and... kings-of-the-wood N/A Tenishia Wilson Shes So Funny: A Reality TV comedy Series featuring Tenishia Wilson. Cast: Donald... tenishia-wilson-shes-so-funny N/A Call Me Kat: This series centers around a 39-year-old woman opens a cat-themed cafe with... call-me-kat N/A The Great North: This interesting series is about the adventures of a single dad and his... the-great-north N/A Housebroken: This funny series revolves around a dog who runs group therapy sessions. He... housebroken N/A Call Your Mother: The protagonist of the series is an empty-nester mom. She ended up alone.... call-your-mother N/A Kamp Koral Spongebobs Under Years: This series is a prequel to the "SpongeBob SquarePants" tv animated series.... kamp-koral-spongebobs-under-years N/A The Ghost And Molly Mcgee: This series is about Molly McGee. She knows a ghost named Scratch. Scratch... the-ghost-and-molly-mcgee N/A Young Rock: This series follows the life of superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson during... young-rock N/A Mr Mayor: This interesting comedy series is about a wealthy businessman who becomes... mr-mayor N/A Nick Cannon: This series is a talk show hosted by producer and writer Nick Cannon. It... nick-cannon N/A Kenan: This series follows a recently-widowed dad. This father raises his kids with... kenan N/A Country Comfort: A young country singer gets a job as nanny for a family with musical talent.... country-comfort N/A Girls5eva: This series is about a one-hit-wonder band from the '90s. They return to... girls5eva N/A The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: Evans fails to make the cut to join the Mighty Ducks junior hockey team. Then... the-mighty-ducks-game-changers N/A Ginny And Georgia: Ginny Miller is a nervous fifteen-year-old. She sometines feels more mature... ginny-and-georgia N/A Rutherford Falls: This series is set in a Northeast town. Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) opposes... rutherford-falls N/A Big Shot: An angry college basketball coach gets fired from his job. Next stop is an... big-shot N/A Punky Brewster 2021: This is a follow up series to the 80s show "Punky Brewster". This time Punky... punky-brewster-2021 N/A Resident Alien: An alien crashlands. He calls himself Harry and takes on the identity of a... resident-alien N/A Made For Love: A young woman ends her marriage to a tech billionaire and goes on the run.... made-for-love N/A The Crew: A NASCAR chief and his racing team experience problems when a new boss steps... the-crew N/A Home Economics: This series follows three grown-up siblings. They each have different levels... home-economics N/A Ms Marvel: Kamala Khan is from New Jersey and she has super powers. These are her... ms-marvel N/A Marvels M O D O K: This series revolves around an egomaniac supervillain. He has a really big... marvels-m-o-d-o-k N/A Hacks: This series describes the lives of mentor Deborah Vance and a legendary... hacks N/A Dad Stop Embarrassing Me: This series describes the life of a single dad. His opinionated daughter then... dad-stop-embarrassing-me N/A Rugrats 2021: This series sees the return of Tommy, Chuckie, and the Rugrats crew. They go... rugrats-2021 N/A Power Rangers Dino Fury: A brand-new team of Power Rangers have to deal with the new threat of an army... power-rangers-dino-fury N/A Donkey Hodie: This series is a puppet based show for preschoolers. It helps young viewers... donkey-hodie N/A The Barbarian And The Troll: This series describes the lives of Evan (bridge troll) and Brendar (fierce... the-barbarian-and-the-troll N/A The Upshaws: Set in Indiana. A working-class African American family tries to make it... the-upshaws N/A Monsters At Work: Set 6 months after the Monsters, Inc. movie. Monsters are now getting their... monsters-at-work 6.0 Avenue 5: This series describes the life and times of Space Captain Ryan Clark of the... avenue-5 7.3 Katy Keene: This series follows a group of aspiring artists from Riverdale that follow... katy-keene 8.3 Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist: The protagonist is a young woman who has the ability to hear the thoughts of... zoeys-extraordinary-playlist 7.4 Outmatched: This series describes the busy lives of a working-class couple. We see the... outmatched 7.6 Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens: This series is about how Nora Lum experieces her adult life. She usually... awkwafina-is-nora-from-queens 7.3 Love Life: This Romantic Comedy TV Series is about the journey of a woman's first love... love-life 7.5 Space Force: This series follows the workers of the sixth branch of the armed services;... space-force 6.8 Run Tv: The protagonists are two ex-lovers. One is a married American woman and the... run-tv 8.6 The Boys: This series sees a group of vigilantes take on corrupt superheroes. The bad... the-boys 7.9 The Umbrella Academy: This series describes how a family of former child heroes have now grown up... the-umbrella-academy 7.9 Dead To Me: This series is about a friendship between a serious widow and an upbeat... dead-to-me 7.6 Pen15: This comedic series describes the story of two middle school girls. Together... pen15 7.5 Living With Yourself: This series is a about a man who undergoes a new treatment to improve... living-with-yourself 8.1 The Rookie: This series is about how John Nolan who is recovering after a life changing... the-rookie 8.1 Barry: This series describes the life of Barry, a hit man from the Midwest. He... barry 8.8 Cobra Kai: This series is set decades after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout... cobra-kai 7.9 Glow: This series takes a look at the personal and professional lives of a group... glow 8.0 One Day At A Time: This series is about a Cuban-American family that has three generations.... one-day-at-a-time 7.2 Friends From College: This series is about a close group of college friends. Twenty years after... friends-from-college 8.5 The Orville: This series is about an exploratory space ship that leaves earth. The space... the-orville 6.5 Bull: This series is about a brilliant and charming man, Dr. Bull. He combines... bull 8.4 Atlanta: This series is set in Based in Atlanta. It describes the lives of Earn and... atlanta 8.5 This Is Us: This series describes the life of triplets and their parents. Cast: Milo... this-is-us 7.7 Lethal Weapon: This series sees a dangerous cop teaming up with an older detective. It is... lethal-weapon 7.9 The Good Place: This series describes the lives of four people and their "otherworldly"... the-good-place N/A American Housewife: This family comedy is about a strong mother who tries her best to raise her... american-housewife 8.0 Catastrophe: This series describes how an American gets an Irish girl pregnant on a... catastrophe 7.5 Crazy Ex Girlfriend: The life and times of a young woman who quits her New York law firm to lead... crazy-ex-girlfriend 7.9 Superstore: This series is about the lives of employees at a big box store. Cast:... superstore 8.3 Silicon Valley: This series looks into the life of Richard Hendricks who is a Silicon Valley... silicon-valley 7.6 Jane The Virgin: This series describes the life of a woman who was accidentally artificially... jane-the-virgin 6.9 Black Ish: This series describes the life of a family man that tries to improve his... black-ish 7.1 Mom: This series is about a single mom who has now gotten sober. She tries to get... mom 8.2 Brooklyn Nine Nine: The main protagonist in this comedy series is Jake Peralta, a great NYPD... brooklyn-nine-nine 7.9 Orange Is The New Black: This series is about how a woman is convicted of an old crime (transporting... orange-is-the-new-black 7.6 Devious Maids: This series is about four latina maids. They have dreams and ambition. They... devious-maids 7.1 Girls: This series is a comedy about a group of girls in their early 20s that... girls 7.2 The Mindy Project: This series is about a young Ob/Gyn doctor. She tries to handle her work and... the-mindy-project 8.2 Rita: This series follows the life of a rebellious woman called Rita. She is a... rita 8.3 Suits: The main protagonist in this series is Mike Ross. He is a talented college... suits 7.4 New Girl: The main protagonist in this series is a girl, Jess, who has just broken up... new-girl 6.5 2 Broke Girls: This series follows two young waitresses. They work at a greasy diner and... 2-broke-girls 7.5 Happy Endings: This series is based in Chicago. It describes the lives of six young people... happy-endings 8.4 Workaholics: This series was shot with a single-camera. It is a comedy featuring three... workaholics 8.0 Parenthood: This series describes the life of the members of the Braverman family.... parenthood 7.9 Raising Hope: The lead protagonist, Jimmy, suddenly becomes the single parent to an... raising-hope 7.0 Hot In Cleveland: This series is about three 40-something women that are best friends. They... hot-in-cleveland 8.3 Louie: This series describes the life of Louie C.K. He is a divorced comedian that... louie 8.0 Castle: This series begins with a killer imitating the plots of novels written... castle 8.5 Parks And Recreation: This hilarious series is about the adventures of an Indiana town's public... parks-and-recreation 7.3 The Middle: This series describes the daily life of a married woman and her... the-middle 8.3 Community: This series is about a suspended lawyer. He is forced to enroll in a... community 8.2 Modern Family: This comedy series describes the lives of three totally different families.... modern-family 6.9 Royal Pains: This series describes the life of brilliant diagnostic surgeon that has lost... royal-pains 8.3 Misfits: This series tells the story of a group of young offenders. Whilst doing... misfits 8.2 Cougar Town: This series is set in Gulfhaven, Florida. It follows the lives and... cougar-town 8.1 Californication: This series is about a writer. He juggles his career, his relationship with... californication 7.0 Rules Of Engagement: This series is about two couples and their single friend. These people have... rules-of-engagement 8.0 Chuck: This series has a computer geek for the protagonist. He accidentally... chuck 7.9 The Big Bang Theory: This series revolves around a woman, Penny, who moves into an apartment. Her... the-big-bang-theory 6.4 Private Practice: This series is a spin-off of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy". It's about... private-practice 7.9 30 Rock: The lead protagonist in this series is Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). She is the head... 30-rock 7.2 Robin Hood Tv: This series depicts the life of Robin Hood after 5 years of fighting in the... robin-hood-tv 6.9 The New Adventures Of Old Christine: This series revolves around a divorced mom tries to keep up with the events... the-new-adventures-of-old-christine 8.1 Psych: This series is about a novice detective that is hired by the Police. He lies... psych 7.7 Eureka: This series describes the life of a U.S. Marshall that becomes the sheriff... eureka 6.3 Ugly Betty: This series describes the personal and work life of Betty. She isn't the... ugly-betty 8.4 The It Crowd: This series follows the adventures IT support workers Roy and Moss. They... the-it-crowd 8.6 The Office Usa: This series is a mockumentary of office workers. Their days includes... the-office-usa 7.2 American Dad: This hilarious cartoon series is about the adventures of Stan Smith. He is a... american-dad 8.1 How I Met Your Mother: This series is about a father that recounts his youthful tales to his... how-i-met-your-mother 7.5 Bones: The main protagonists are forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones"... bones 7.7 Weeds: This series describes how a suburban mother starts dealing marijuana to fund... weeds 7.5 Zoey 101: This series follows Zoey Brooks and her brother Dustin. It is set in the... zoey-101 7.5 Robot Chicken: This series features stop-motion animations. They reference pop culture. The... robot-chicken 8.2 Entourage: This series is about film star Vince Chase. He goes through adventures in... entourage 8.2 Boston Legal: This series is a Boston Legal is a spin-off of the series The Practice... boston-legal 8.1 Rescue Me: This series describes the life of Tommy Gavin the Firefighter. He also has... rescue-me 6.0 Joey: This series is a spinoff of Friends. It's about Joey Tribbiani moving to Los... joey 8.6 Arrested Development: This series is about Michael Bluth who takes over his family's business... arrested-development 6.9 Two And A Half Men: This series describes a womenizing party animal who is a jingle writer. His... two-and-a-half-men 7.2 The Oc: This series follows an intense and troublesome youth who joins a group of... the-oc 6.2 Thats So Raven: This seris is about a teenage girl who has the power to see psychic visions... thats-so-raven 7.7 New Tricks: This series is about how three retired police officers are recruited to... new-tricks 6.8 8 Simple Rules: This series revolves around The Hennessy clan. Mother Cate, daughters... 8-simple-rules 6.8 Less Than Perfect: This series describes the world of Television News. There are some big... less-than-perfect 8.8 Top Gear: Three hosts chat about everything that relates to cars and road vehicles.... top-gear 8.2 The Office: This series is a hilarious fictional documentary of an office that is facing... the-office 8.0 Scrubs: This series describes the lives of the workers in Sacred Heart Hospital.... scrubs 6.4 Lizzie Mcguire: This series describes the daily life of an adolescent girl. Her real... lizzie-mcguire 8.5 Six Feet Under: This series is about the lives of a turbulent family who run a small funeral... six-feet-under 7.2 Reba: The main protagonist is Reba played by Reba McEntire. She plays a single... reba 7.4 My Wife And Kids: This folliows husband Michael Kyle. He wants a stable traditional life. He... my-wife-and-kids 7.8 Malcolm In The Middle: This series is about a teen tries that tries to survive life having his... malcolm-in-the-middle 8.4 Curb Your Enthusiasm: This series describes the eventful life of Larry David. He has adventures... curb-your-enthusiasm 7.9 Gilmore Girls: This series describes the relationship between a single mother in her... gilmore-girls 6.8 Girlfriends: This series takes a look at the lives of four different women. Toni, Maya,... girlfriends 8.2 Black Books: The main protagonist, Bernard Black, runs a bookshop. He is a tough owner.... black-books 7.4 Even Stevens: This series describes the misadventures of the Stevens family. They consists... even-stevens 7.5 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: This series describes the adventures of a milkshake, order of fries, a... aqua-teen-hunger-force 8.2 Futurama: This series is about Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy. He is accidentally... futurama 7.5 Family Guy: This animated series is set in a silly Rhode Island town. It's about a... family-guy 8.3 Spongebob Squarepants: This series is about the adventures of a talking sea sponge. He works at a... spongebob-squarepants 8.6 Freaks And Geeks: This series is about how a smart high school student starts hanging out with... freaks-and-geeks 8.4 Spaced: This series follows friends Tim and Daisy. They are 20-something North... spaced 6.5 Grown Ups: This series describes the life of the post college friends. The three of... grown-ups 7.5 Snoops: This series is a comedic take on a detective show. Glenn Hall runs an glitsy... snoops 7.2 The King Of Queens: This series is about delivery man Doug Heffernan. He has a great life and a... the-king-of-queens 7.5 Sex And The City: This series is about four female New Yorkers that gossip about their sex... sex-and-the-city 8.5 That 70s Show: This comedy is about a group of teenage friends and their adventures. It is... that-70s-show 7.6 Two Guys And A Girl: This series is about three twenty-somethings that live in a Boston... two-guys-and-a-girl 7.4 Martial Law: This series is about a Shanghai cop who is a master of martial arts. He gets... martial-law 6.8 The Simple Life: This series describes the life of Sara Campbell who lives in the city... the-simple-life 7.2 Just Shoot Me: This series is about a confident journalist called Maya. She recently got... just-shoot-me 8.2 South Park: This series is about he adventures of four odd grade-schoolers. It is set in... south-park 7.1 King Of The Hill: This series is about a propane salesman in Arlen, Texas, He has to deal with... king-of-the-hill 6.5 Dharma And Greg: This series is about a yoga instructor thar finds true love when she gets... dharma-and-greg 7.2 Ally Mcbeal: This series is about the life of a lawyer called Ally McBeal. Cast: Calista... ally-mcbeal 8.0 Cold Feet: This series is about the lives of 30-something couples Adam and Rachel, Pete... cold-feet 6.8 Sabrina The Teenage Witch: This series is about a sixteen-year-old high school student that finds out... sabrina-the-teenage-witch 6.5 7th Heaven: This series is about Eric Camden who is a minister. His wife Annie has to... 7th-heaven 7.8 Millennium: This series is about a former FBI profiler. He jas the ability to understand... millennium 7.5 3rd Rock From The Sun: This series is about a group of aliens are sent to Earth. They disguise... 3rd-rock-from-the-sun 8.2 Everybody Loves Raymond: This series is about the funny everyday life of sports columnist Ray Barone... everybody-loves-raymond 6.4 The Jamie Foxx Show: Jamie King is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas. He goes to Los Angeles... the-jamie-foxx-show 7.5 Spin City: The main protagonist is Mike Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York City. He... spin-city 7.5 Cosby: The series follows the life of Hilton Lucas, who after retirement always... cosby 6.5 The Drew Carey Show: This series is a sitcom about the personal and work life of a man. Cast:... the-drew-carey-show 7.5 Newsradio: This series is a office sitcom. It explores office politics and the... newsradio 6.4 Caroline In The City: This series follows the life of Caroline Duffy. She is a successful... caroline-in-the-city 7.5 The Wayans Bros: This series is about the funny adventures of the Wayans brothers (Shawn and... the-wayans-bros 7.5 Partners: Bob and Owen are best friends. They are aspiring young architects that are... partners 8.0 Cybill: This series follows down and out middle-aged actress. We see her try to... cybill 6.2 Friends: This series follows the life and times of six twenty to thirty-somethings.... friends 7.2 The Secret World Of Alex Mack: This series is about Alex Mack. She gets into an accident with some weird... the-secret-world-of-alex-mack 7.2 Hardball: This series follows the lives of the Pioneers baseball team. They are a... hardball 7.6 Animaniacs:... animaniacs 7.2 Beavis And Butt Head: This series is am animated MTV series about two teenage heavy-metal music... beavis-and-butt-head 8.0 Boy Meets World: This series is about an adolescent with two siblings. He tests theories... boy-meets-world 7.2 Saved By The Bell The College Years: Students from the original show (Zack, Screech, Slater) are all college now.... saved-by-the-bell-the-college-years 7.3 Lois And Clark The New Adventures Of Superman: Superman has to face super villains and crime. He also has a romance with... lois-and-clark-the-new-adventures-of-superman 7.2 Mad About You: This series is about the life of a married couple living in New York. Paul... mad-about-you 7.2 Heartbeat: This series is set in the 1960s. It describes the lives of the police... heartbeat 7.0 Martin: This series is a sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin... martin 6.1 Hangin With Mr Cooper: This series is an american comedy about a confident teacher and his... hangin-with-mr-cooper 1993 The Golden Palace: I this series Dorothy gets married again. Then Blanche, Rose and Sophia... the-golden-palace 6.5 The Ben Stiller Show: This series is a variety show that has parodies of movies, TV shows and... the-ben-stiller-show 7.5 Men Behaving Badly: This series is about two early thirties best friends that live together.... men-behaving-badly 7.6 Raven: This series describes the adventures of ex-special forces and ninja Jonathan... raven 7.4 Here And Now: This series follows A.J. who is a graduate student. He then volunteers at a... here-and-now 6.8 Home Improvement: This series follows the daily life of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. He is a... home-improvement 6.2 Step By Step: In this series two people get married and their two families combine to form... step-by-step 7.3 The Commish: This series is a police comedy drama. The main protagonist is Tony Scali,... the-commish 7.2 The Ren And Stimpy Show: This comical outlandish cartoon series follows the life of Ren, a tightly... the-ren-and-stimpy-show 7.3 Clarissa Explains It All: This series follows the life of Clarissa. She often explains to the viewer... clarissa-explains-it-all 7.2 Dinosaurs: This series follows the life of a family of dinosaurs. They live in our... dinosaurs 6.8 Hermans Head: This series follows the life of Herman Brooks. He is an aspiring writer that... hermans-head 7.2 Roc: This series follows the life of Roc Emerson, a city garbage collector. He... roc 6.5 Harry And The Hendersons: This series is based on the movie with the same name. A human family adopts... harry-and-the-hendersons 7.2 Nurses: The series revolves around a Miami hospital. The staff includes Sandy,... nurses The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Will Smith plays a poor young man from Philadelphia that now lives with his... the-fresh-prince-of-bel-air 8.0 Northern Exposure: This series is about a doctor who recently graduated. He sets up his... northern-exposure 8.0 In Living Color: This sketch comedy show features the Wayans siblings and other comedians.... in-living-color 6.9 Wings: Cast: Tim Daly as Joe Montgomery Hackett 172 episodes 1990-1997, Steven... wings 6.2 Blossom: This series is about a teenage girl that lives in a house full of men. She... blossom 6.5 Parenthood Tv: This series is based on the 1989 film of the same name directed by Ron... parenthood-tv 6.5 Uncle Buck: This series is about the life of Buck, a slob that becomes guardian of his... uncle-buck 9.2 Seinfeld: The adventures of a neurotic New York City Stand-up Comedian Jerry Seinfeld... seinfeld 8.6 The Simpsons: These are the adventures of a working-class family. Set in the hilarious... the-simpsons 7.1 Major Dad: This series begins with a conservative Marine proposing (marriage) to a... major-dad 7.2 Doogie Howser M D: This series is about a teenage genius doctor. He also has to deal with the... doogie-howser-m-d 7.1 The Arsenio Hall Show: Arsenio Hall hosts this funky late-night talk show. Arsenio was always a... the-arsenio-hall-show 7.1 Coach: This series is about Hayden Fox. He is the head coach of a university... coach 6.8 Living Dolls: This series is a spin-off of "Who's the Boss?". Charlie knows Samantha.... living-dolls 6.1 Dragnet: This series is about two straight laced L.A.P.D. Detectives. Together they... dragnet 8.2 Saved By The Bell: This series was very funny with memorable characters. It tells the adventures... saved-by-the-bell 1998 Family Matters: This series is about the life of the Winslow family. They have a troublesome... family-matters 7.2 Empty Nest: "Empty Nest" describes the day to day adventures of a widowed man... empty-nest 8.3 The Wonder Years: This series is about Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) growing up during the late... the-wonder-years 7.8 Roseanne: This show described the everyday life of a working-class family. The parents... roseanne 7.2 Murphy Brown: This series is an opinionated who works as a television journalist. Although... murphy-brown 8.3 Red Dwarf: The adventures of the last human alive and his friends. The crew is stranded... red-dwarf 7.0 Full House: This series is about a widowed broadcaster. He raises his three daughters... full-house 8.2 Married With Children: Al Bundy has a wife and two children. He is a tired shoe-salesman. He was the... married-with-children 6.8 My Two Dads: Marcy Bradford dies. Her teenage daughter Nicole is now in the custody of... my-two-dads 7.2 French And Saunders: This is a BBC comedy skit show. It was created by comedy duo Dawn French and... french-and-saunders 7.3 The Tracey Ullman Show: This sketch show is hosted by Tracey Ullman. The show contains sketches and... the-tracey-ullman-show 7.2 Hooperman: This series is about cool San Francisco cop Harry Hooperman. He inherits an... hooperman 72 A Different World: This series takes a look at a group of students at a mainly Black... a-different-world 7.5 Perfect Strangers: An anxious man's life is turned up side down after his cousin arrives from... perfect-strangers 7.1 Valerie: This show was originally about a working mom raising her three sons alone.... valerie 6.2 Life With Lucy: Lucy Barker is a grandmother living with her daughter's family. She is... life-with-lucy 6.5 The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah Winfrey hosts a live audience talk-show. There are celebrity guests and... the-oprah-winfrey-show 6.3 Dennis The Menace: This animated series is about 6 years old Dennis. He is a menace to his... dennis-the-menace 7.6 Alf: A furry comedic alien comes somehow manages to introduce himself and live... alf 7.4 Designing Women: The adventures of four women and their handyman. They all help run a design... designing-women 7.2 Mr Belvedere: The adventures of an English housekeeper that works for an American family.... mr-belvedere 7.5 Half Nelson: Rocky Nelson is a former New York cop. He wants to be a Hollywood actor. He... half-nelson 8.2 Moonlighting: These are the interesting cases of a former model and a wise cracking... moonlighting 6.1 Stir Crazy: Two friends are convicted of a crime they didn't commit. They escape prison... stir-crazy 7.1 227: This series is set in a apartment building numbered 227. The stories... 227 6.5 Whats Happening Now: What's Happening Now! is the sequel to the show "What's Happening!". It is... whats-happening-now 1992 Whos The Boss: Tony is aa retired baseball player. He becomes the housekeeper of Angela... whos-the-boss 6.5 Charles In Charge: Charles is a live-in housekeeper in the Powell household. Charles attempts to... charles-in-charge 7.2 Punky Brewster: Little Punky Brewster is abandoned with her dog in a supermarket. She... punky-brewster 7.7 Double Trouble: Sitcom about the antics between two twins, Kate and Allison. They are played... double-trouble 6.8 Snorks: The Snorks are playful, multicolored underwater creatures. They use their... snorks 8.4 The Cosby Show: This series describes the life of a successful African-American family. Bill... the-cosby-show 7.5 The New Scooby Doo Mysteries: This series is new version of the classic Hannah-Barbera mystery cartoon.... the-new-scooby-doo-mysteries 7.5 Webster: Football player George Papadapolis and his wife Katherine adopt the orphaned... webster 8.1 The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show: Every Saturday morning The Peanuts Gang does skits. Taken from newspaper... the-charlie-brown-and-snoopy-show 8.3 Friday Night: Friday Night Videos was NBC's answer to MTV. The hottest music videos were on... friday-night 7.5 Little Miss: The adventures of the Little Miss characters. This series was created by... little-miss 8.4 Inspector Gadget: This series is about bumbling bionic police inspector. His niece and dog... inspector-gadget 7.3 Remington Steele: This show describes the cases of a female private detective and a former... remington-steele 8.0 Police Squad: This series is about bumbling police officer Frank Drebin. His colleagues in... police-squad 7.5 Joanie Loves Chachi: The adventures of lovers Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola. They pursue... joanie-loves-chachi 8.1 Late Night With David Letterman: This was one of the most popular late-night comedy talk shows. Hosted by... late-night-with-david-letterman 6.8 It Takes Two: Sam and Molly Quinn are two hard working parents. They are busy with their... it-takes-two 8.2 Cheers: These are the stories of the regulars of the Boston bar "Cheers". They share... cheers 8.2 Family Ties: This is the life of liberal ex-hippy parents Steven and Elyse Keaton. They... family-ties 6.8 Entertainment Tonight: This show excelled in getting you interested in TV/Movie/Music celebrities... entertainment-tonight 7.4 The Smurfs: This series is about very small blue creatures called the Smurfs. They live... the-smurfs 7.8 Danger Mouse: Danger Mouse is the greatest secret agent in the world. He must follow... danger-mouse 7.8 Greatest American Hero: A teacher becomes a superhero using a special alien suit. He has to master... greatest-american-hero 7.3 The Fall Guy: This show describes the life of a film stuntman. When is not a stuntman, he... the-fall-guy 6.8 Lewis And Clark: Stewart Lewis wants to own a country-music club. Stewart moves his family to... lewis-and-clark 7.2 The Tom And Jerry Comedy Show: A classic cartoon show about a cat who chases a mouse. There are various... the-tom-and-jerry-comedy-show 7.2 Bosom Buddies: One of Tom Hanks first roles! Two young single men working in the Ad industry... bosom-buddies 7.2 Nobodys Perfect: A British detective is transferred to the San Francisco Police Department.... nobodys-perfect

7.3 Book Lovers: Nora Stephens' life is books, she's read them all. She is as a cutthroat... book-lovers 7.0 Note To Self: This book has been described as a triumph of humour and heart. Seventeen... note-to-self 7.6 The Meet Cute Method: Frankie doesn't believe in true love. She is a relationships expert. She... the-meet-cute-method 8.1 So That Happened: A woman spends the night with a hot, grumpy stranger in an airport hotel.... so-that-happened 7.8 Happy Place: This story revolves around a couple who broke up months ago. They make a... happy-place 7.5 Animal Crossing New Horizons: This is an unofficial guide that has all you need to prepare for your new... animal-crossing-new-horizons 6.8 Dog Man For Whom The Ball Rolls: In this the 7th Dog Man book Petey learns what it means to do good. The... dog-man-for-whom-the-ball-rolls 7.2 Howard Stern Comes Again: Howard Stern has interviewed a huge number of stars. From rock stars,rap... howard-stern-comes-again 7.6 Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids: Over 700,000 sold. This books is affordable and the jokes are worth it. It... laugh-out-loud-jokes-for-kids 7.1 Dragons Love Tacos: This book is a bestselling, laugh out loud story of dragons, friendship and... dragons-love-tacos 7.1 The Getaway Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: In this story Greg Heffley and his family are going on holiday at a tropical... the-getaway-diary-of-a-wimpy-kid 7.7 A Man Called Ove A Novel: This book has more than two million copies sold. Ove is a grumpy old man. A... a-man-called-ove-a-novel 7.0 Dog Man A Tale Of Two Kitties: In this book, a silly kitten disrupts Petey's plans. Petey the Cat has... dog-man-a-tale-of-two-kitties 7.1 Knock Knock Jokes For Kids: This books will make both adults and kids laugh. It is a collection of knock... knock-knock-jokes-for-kids 7.6 Thing Explainer Complicated Stuff In Simple Words: In this book Randall Munroe uses line drawings and simple explanations to... thing-explainer-complicated-stuff-in-simple-words 7.1 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul: This book is about how Greg Heffley and his family go the road. This is the... diary-of-a-wimpy-kid-the-long-haul 7.2 The Book With No Pictures: This book is a #1 New York Times bestseller. It will turn readers into... the-book-with-no-pictures 7.1 Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site: This book is a #1 New York Times bestselling children's book. The hardworking... goodnight-goodnight-construction-site 7.5 The Casual Vacancy: Barry Fairbrother dies unexpectedly dies (in early forties). The little town... the-casual-vacancy 7.8 Tina Fey Bossypants: Tina Fay is a known comedian/TV (30 Rock, Mean Girls, and SNL) personality.... tina-fey-bossypants 7.8 Marley And Me: This book is an interesting story of a family and a wonderful neurotic dog... marley-and-me 7.6 Hes Just Not That Into You: Sometimes men say they're busy. They say that they didn't have even a moment... hes-just-not-that-into-you 7.5 The Complete Calvin And Hobbes: Join Calvin and Hobbes have always gone on interesting adventures. This set... the-complete-calvin-and-hobbes 7.6 The Night Before Christmas Pop Up: This book is Clarke Moore's classic tale. The story of The Night Before... the-night-before-christmas-pop-up 7.2 The Nanny Diaries A Novel: This book is about a woman who is struggling to graduate from NYU and barely... the-nanny-diaries-a-novel 7.9 Bridget Joness Diary A Novel: This book is a famous #1 bestseller by author Helen Fielding. Bridget Jones... bridget-joness-diary-a-novel

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